Wildlife Removal

Bats, raccoons, and squirrels, oh my! And that’s just to name a few.

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Wildlife Removal

Bats, raccoons, and squirrels, oh my! And that’s just to name a few. If you feel like your home is becoming a wild kingdom to all these critters, then you’ve come to the right place. They may look cute and innocent, but these animals can wreak havoc on your home and cost you some serious money in the long run.

Some people may try to catch these animals themselves, but you want to be cautious. They may be very aggressive and some can carry diseases. Our technicians are licensed and specialize in a humane way to properly eradicate these animals from your home. You can rest assured knowing they will be placed in their rightful environment upon removal.

Here is a full list of our Wildlife Removal services:


Armadillos like warmer climates and can be found all throughout the Southeastern region of the U.S. They are burrowing creatures and are known to do massive damage to your yard leaving large holes. They prey on other insects for food as they dig their claws into your flower beds. Armadillos are mostly blind, and they carry leprosy, so do not try to handle an armadillo yourself. Killing an armadillo can leave a foul smell behind and is considered to be inhumane. The best way to catch an armadillo is to use a trap and have the experts remove them.


These winged pests like to make themselves right at home in your attic, barn, chimney, and porch, among other places. Bats are known to be blind, and they dine on various insects. You must use caution around bats because they do carry diseases and may bite if they have rabies; just a tiny drop of their saliva alone can infect you. Leave it to the professionals to remove the colony and seal any entry points.


Birds like to migrate south during the colder months of the year. As fun as they are to watch and listen to their singing, these nuisances can, unfortunately, deplete your crops you worked so hard to sew. They may also take up residence in your attic or chimney. Let us help safely remove them and seal any potential points of entry.


Believe it or not, bobcats tend to be shy around humans and only come out from dusk to dawn. They can, however, pose a threat to pets and livestock. These animals can leave behind a foul smell in your yard as they leave urine and feces all around to mark their territory. They can also dig up your yard, similar to an armadillo. Beware because they can jump up to ten feet high. It’s best to leave the trapping and removal process up to the experts, as bobcats are likely to find their way back to your yard.

Coyotes and Foxes

These in particular may be easy to confuse for a dog or wolf. They are very active at night and tend to howl as they run around in packs. They prey upon other animals like rodents and deer, however, they can potentially be dangerous to pets and humans. Keep pets and pet food inside and out of your yard to keep from attracting them. Coyotes are more partial to desert environments, but they can occasionally be spotted in our neck of the woods. The only effective way to get rid of Coyotes and Foxes is to have a professional trap and relocate them. Removal should be left to a specialist because they can carry rabies.


These tiny little animals can cost your yard or farm lots of money. They are known for digging tunnels and creating new pathways as they search for food. They generally don’t venture too far from their tunnel when they’re above ground. Although Gophers do not pose a threat to people, you will want to contact the professionals to have them removed from your property and relocated safely.


Moles love gardens, farms, parks, golf courses, and fields. They can dig tunnels up to 100 feet long in just one single day as they feed on worms, grubs, and their larvae. The good news is that moles do not excavate too deeply, so by installing a fence around your property that’s at least a foot deep, can help to prevent them from digging up visible tunnels that deform your yard. Otherwise, we can help by setting a trap and safely relocating the mole far away from your property.


You’ve probably heard the expression “Playing Opossum” many times growing up, and although it’s cute and fun for a child to play, it’s not so cute or fun when you discover one hiding out underneath your porch, decks, attic, or stairs, among other nesting locations. Even though they tend to be nocturnal you may discover you have the pest if they leave fecal matter behind or damage your property in hopes to find food. Also, beware of your water supply as their urine and feces can contaminate water. It is best to keep your trash bins closed tightly and keep any food sources put away. You will also want to seal any holes and use mesh wiring over openings as a precautionary method to keep opossums out. Removal should be left to a professional as they carry diseases such as tuberculosis, tularemia, chagas, and fleas.


With their big floppy ears, cotton ball tails and high jumping range, rabbits can be an agricultural nightmare by really doing some damage to landscaping and crops. They frequently feed on vegetation and can flee very quickly once they feel threatened. You can use fencing as an option to keep them out of your gardens and landscaping. Because they breed so rapidly, you will want a professional to safely and effectively remove them from your property.


These nocturnal nuisances love to scavenge and will eat anything they can get their claws on. They’re most known for tearing into your garbage and making a huge mess. The best way to prevent raccoons from taking up residence under your porch, in your attic or around your house is by not leaving pet food out, closing the lid tightly on your garbage can, keeping limbs of your trees cut back and securing any vents with wire mesh. These animals carry diseases such as rabies, giardia, roundworm, leptospirosis, salmonella and tularemia. This is why you should contact a professional to properly trap and remove raccoons from your property.


Pee-yew! Skunks are known for their foul odor (they can spray up to 10 feet away) and black fur with the white stripe running down the center. They like to burrow, and they dig up gardens as they look for food. You will want to keep any seeds and pet food put away as well as securing your trash cans. Fencing can also help keep skunks out of your garden. Contact a professional to effectively remove the skunk from your property. You will not want to do this yourself, as they will discharge their spray in defense, and they also carry rabies.


These slithering reptiles can send chills down most people’s backs. Snakes can range from being extremely harmless to fatally dangerous. Most people may not be able to tell right away if a snake is venomous or not, but a quick giveaway is the shape of their head. If a snake has a triangular shaped head, then it is poisonous. If you are bitten by a snake, you will need to seek medical attention immediately. Snakes can hide just about anywhere, and they can enter your home through cracks or gaps. Snakes feed on all types of things like mice, frogs, insects, animals, birds and more! The best way to prevent snakes from invading your property is to keep your yard mowed, store firewood off the ground, keep garbage cans closed, remove any clutter, and seal cracks and gaps. If you have a snake problem, notify a professional to help capture and remove the snake.


They seem innocent enough and it’s very common to see them running around between trees in your yard, but squirrels can cause a lot of damage. They like to nest in your chimney and attic and chew on your roof. Make sure to tightly seal off gaps around your home and make sure you have wire mesh over the vents to help keep squirrels out. There are many gadgets on the market to deter squirrels and keep them out of your bird feeders as well. Squirrels carry ticks, mites and even the plague, so it is best to contact a professional to determine the best action plan.


Weasels are very violent and aggressive pests despite their small size. They typically prey on mice, squirrels, birds, snakes, rabbits, chickens and other livestock. The best way to keep a weasel away from your livestock is to tackle any rodent problems. You can also use wire mesh on any openings to keep them from entering the premises. Due to their sharp teeth and aggressive nature, leave the trapping and removal process to the professionals.

Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs can be extremely destructive to your property as they desperately seek out food by rooting, wallowing and trampling. Because of their destructive ways they can contaminate water supplies and transmit swine brucellosis and tularemia. They eat anything ranging from plants to insects to small animals. The best way to deter them is to fence in your yard, use wire mesh around chicken coops, and store all pet food. Wild hogs can be very dangerous, so leave the capturing and removal process to a skilled professional with experience.

We pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service, and we will promptly and effectively give you the reliable service you expect. We will do whatever it takes to successfully solve your wildlife problem. Once we have successfully removed these critters from your home, we will work hard to control the odor and remove any smells left behind from the animals, as well as replace any insulation that may have been damaged. Additionally, we will close off any potential entry points to prevent these animals from re-entering your home. Call us today for a free quote 251-990-0047.