How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home

Don’t you just love summer? Sadly, so do fleas. Fleas appreciate the warmer summer months to lounge around. They set up housekeeping in your lovely home. There are some simple ways you can get rid of fleas. But, if you find you still have fleas in your home give the experts a call here at Safety First Pest Control.

Keep Queenie Clean

Life gets busy. Keeping little Queenie her cleanest can get pushed to the back burner, too. Especially if she is like most dogs and likes to roll around in the warm grass. Fleas don’t take a holiday. Even if you just gave your pooch a dip last week, if she’s an outdoor lady the fleas are waiting. Put a weekly bath on the schedule with a good flea shampoo. So, you can stay ahead of the flea festival.

Wash Your Bedding

They think they’re family. Fleas cuddle up beside you at your feet at night right alongside your pet. With that, your dog or cat brings their tiny slumber party into your bed every evening, and you may not even know they are there. Unless you are bitten, fleas can be hanging out under the covers without knowledge for weeks or months. They feast on your pet and maybe even on you. 

Washing the sheets regularly is the only way to rid your bed of fleas.

Take One More Minute After You Vacuum

It’s usually no fun to vacuum, and once you are done you want to be done. But the fleas you may have sucked up into the vacuum can live in the bag and reproduce. Be sure to empty your vacuum bag after every use. Also, go a step further and dump the bag into another bag, tie tightly and put it in the garbage.

Fleas On Floors

Fleas are so tiny they are very easy to miss. Sweep your home’s hard flooring daily. Dump the dustpan out in the garbage, not into your household trash can. Then, mop with a bleach and water solution. Bleach kills fleas and is the perfect disinfectant, too. If you suffer from bleach allergies, try diluting more with water, or use a vinegar solution. But go heavy on the vinegar to get rid of the fleas.

Hide And Seek

You’ve done all of the above. But, fleas are the best at hide and seek. They will find new hiding places.

Here are 3 top places fleas love to hide. 

  1. Rugs: Remember to wash throw rugs regularly. In between washings, vacuum them or shake them outside.
  2. Cars: If you take Queenie for a ride even sporadically, fleas are very happy you took them along. They loved the scenery. It’s comfy under these car mats. Kick fleas to the curb with a thorough vacuuming and detail of your cars.
  3. Closets: Many home closets either have carpet, rugs or hard flooring. And, these are some of the most neglected spaces in terms of flooring. Make it a habit to scoot on into the closets as you do your floor cleaning.

If you are having issues with ridding your home of unwanted fleas and are unable to do it yourself, give Safety First Pest Control a call! Safety First Pest Control provides pest control services in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama. We specialize in pest control, rodent and wildlife control, termite bonds, and mosquito treatment. Living on the Alabama Gulf Coast brings several unique critters to our homes and places of business. Family-owned and operated since 1999, it is our goal to provide value and excellent service to residential and commercial customers. You can reach us at (251) 990-0047.

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