Holiday Pest Prevention Tips

Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors Without Being Attacked by Mosquitos

Mosquitoes. These guys know how to ruin a good time. You’re outside enjoying the pool one minute and slapping yourself silly the next. They leave tiny, itchy red bumps and are known to carry harmful diseases such as the West Nile and Zika virus. They can however be controlled and eliminated following these simple ideas.

Drain Stagnant Water

Like you, mosquitoes love the water but their activities do not involve relaxing by the lake. Any kind of standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Improperly drained yards, kiddie pools, bird baths, flower pots with plates under them, open garbage cans and recycling bins are all prone to mosquito infestations. Remove standing water from around the outside of your home to prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs. No need to worry if you have a pool. The chlorinated water and a properly working filter will keep the mosquitoes out.

Apply a Repellent. Repeat.

If you’re going to be outdoors for a long period of time, protect yourself with a spray or lotion containing DEET (safe for children when used as directed), picaridin, IR35335, oil of lemon or eucalyptus. Some formulas may wear off after a few hours so re-apply according to the specific repellent instructions.

Add a Screen or Tent to Your Yard

A screened-in patio or garden tent will not only bring a touch of style and charm to your space but will give you and your guests added protection from mosquitoes.

Go Natural

Natural repellents such as marigold and citronella will also keep mosquitoes away because of their distinct smell. Place potted marigolds and citronella around your entryway for a bug eliminating natural look.
Common cooking ingredients such as garlic, rosemary and mint also make excellent mosquito repellents. Put them in a container on your patio dining table for added ambiance and protection. The aroma of adding a few sprigs of rosemary to your outdoor chimney or fire pit will also help keep mosquitoes away.
Lavender is a calming and relaxing scent to us but to a mosquito is not as appealing. Add drops of lavender oil to strands of ribbons and hang them near your patio door. Planting lavender in your flower bed will also act as an attractive mosquito deterrent.

Dress Appropriately

Warmer weather means you’ll want to wear less attire but that only gives mosquitoes more to feast on. The American Mosquito Control Association recommends keeping your arms, legs and neck covered while wearing loose, light-colored clothing.

Call an expert

Sometimes you may have a bigger infestation than you can contain and will need to bring in reinforcements. Calling an expert such as Safety First Pest Control will help bring an end to those nagging little blood suckers. We will check any areas of your home prone for breeding and infestation. Safety First Pest Control will safely and efficiently remove mosquitoes from your home.

No matter what your pest control needs may be, Safety First Pest Control can get it taken care of. Contact us today if you’re experiencing pesky pest problems. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been servicing Mobile and Baldwin Counties since 1999! It is our goal to provide you with excellent service. You can reach us at (251) 990-0047.