Avoiding Bed Bugs This Holiday Season

Avoiding Bed Bugs This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means- delayed UPS packages, hot cocoa, and Hallmark movies for the win. Many are traveling to other states and getting a hotel room because no one wants to sleep at Grandpa’s house where that unknown stench lurking through the hallways makes its nightly debut. Another huge plus to not staying at your Grandpa’s house is the fact that his guest bedroom is ridden with bed bugs. You may think that since we are now in the colder months that these miniature vampires go into hibernation mode like many animals do but, as long as there is a source of food (warm blood) around they are going to linger.

Hotels and Motels

So, you made the decision that you and your family want to go see your relatives this holiday season in a foreign land or just across the state line and you pick out a decent Hilton Inn with a continental breakfast every morning that the kids are going to love. You read up on the reviews on Yelp and despite a handful of many of the reviews stating that bed bugs have been an issue at this particular hotel you and your spouse agree to take the gamble.

As you plan to make your arrival at the hotel/motel, always come prepared. Before you even dare set a bag down on the carpet, inspect the room. Be on the lookout for small blood stains on the mattress. That is a tell-tale sign that this was previously a crime scene of a vicious all-out assault from a small army of bed bugs. If you see this kind of evidence, take pictures and demand a new room. Another tip to avoid these pests is spray (or baptize if you will) your luggage with bug repellant. That way no such insect will dare touch your clothing or you.

Avoiding These Creatures at Home

Let’s say you have friends coming over for the annual Christmas party at your house. You know bed bugs feed every few days and can last months without feeding but, you want to be uber careful that no one is harmed. After all, this is your home not a war zone. Build up your defenses on the home front. Bug repellant candles inside the home may seem tacky can be just as effective. Place protective covers over all the furniture so that no hitchhikers try to catch a bite at your guest’s expense. Vacuuming up everything and getting rid of clutter is an obvious must when having anyone come over but really emphasize the areas that guests will be in, such as the living room. Clearing up anything that shows an ounce of hoarding will also prevent bed bugs from hiding in tiny crevices. One last line of defense to take before the party is to purchase a portable heating chamber and treat anything that your unwelcomed guests may try to lounge on. The EPA does not regulate these so please follow the instructions carefully.


We have already gone over how to defend your home against these mini vampires and during times of travel. These tips are will assist you tremendously this holiday season when it comes to avoiding bed bugs. These creatures can definitely put a damper on any time of the year and who wants those little bumps on their skin anyways? No one does, of course! So please gear up for these next few months while traveling abroad and always look for these signs in your hotel room.

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