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How To Get Rid of Those Annoying Centipedes

Centipedes are known for having 100 legs. While this is a misnomer, we can certainly think of 100 reasons not to like them. These annoying little critters can easily make their way into your home which is why they are commonly called “house centipedes.” Especially in summer. House centipedes can be tough to catch because with so many legs they’re pretty fast! But today we’ll give you a few tips on how to get rid of those annoying centipedes.

Put them on a diet
House centipedes dine on other household and yard pests. If you can starve them out they are more likely to move on.

Here is the top 10 list of favorite meals of house centipedes:

  1. Cockroaches
  2. Moths
  3. Flies
  4. Crickets
  5. Silverfish
  6. Earwigs
  7. Spiders
  8. Termites
  9. Ants
  10. Bedbugs

BFF (Bug Fun Fact): house centipedes are nocturnal eaters.
This is why you might find them in the middle of the night!

Enlist a professional to help you get control of your pest problem not only to make your home more habitable but also to put a lid on the centipede feasts.

As you can see from the above list, many of these types of bugs dwell in wet or damp areas. In addition, they hang out in cluttered areas. This leads us to the other ways to get rid of house centipedes.

Address damp or wet areas
House centipedes enjoy a nice, cooling dip in warm weather just as much as the rest of us! All joking aside, take time to dry out your more damp areas both inside and outside of your home. House centipedes are often found in damp basements, musty attics where ventilation is poor and bathrooms. Invest in dehumidifiers for attics and basements. In bathrooms, perform maintenance or completely replace your bathroom fans to ensure the best possible ventilation.

Another area of the home house centipedes are also found is in the more cluttered areas both inside and outside. Examples you may see in your own home are cluttered garage spaces, wood piles and sheds. With this in mind, take a weekend or two to completely declutter garages, sheds or work buildings. Go through your wood piles and get rid of rotted wood. Salvageable wood can then be stacked more neatly up off of the ground and with an inch or two between each piece of wood.

Block off entryways
One final step you can take to rid yourself and your family of pesky centipedes is to block off your home entryways where they might be entering. This can take some time to discover where those places actually are. Considering how small house centipedes are, they can enter your home through very small cracks or crevices in siding or brick. Once you have figured out how they are getting into your home, use a waterproof material to either seal off the entry or block it altogether.

Enlisting trained pest control professionals is the best way to get rid of annoying centipedes once and for all.

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