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How to Get Rid of an Armadillo

Armadillos aren’t warm and fuzzy. They’re hard to look at and even harder to deal with. Armadillos and their digging can destroy some of the hard work you’ve done to make your house a home. Let’s take a look at why they might come knocking and how you can send them on their way.

Armadillos: the unwelcome houseguest
Armadillos like to go where it’s shady and covered. They are wanderers and can come in phases and with others in stages. They burrow underground and eat vegetation, worms and grubs.

Knowing you have one around
There are a few tell-tale signs of armadillos in your yard. Once you identify that this is the culprit, you’ll want to get rid of them right away.

Here are 5 ways to tell there’s an armadillo in your midst:
Newly cracked pavement in sidewalks, driveways, patios (this is the result of burrowing)
Noticing new burrows or newly dug holes
Eaten vegetation in your garden
Bulbs you’ve planted are dug up
You notice damaged, chewed pipes or exposed wires

Top ways to get rid of an armadillo
Great! Now you know it is, indeed, an armadillo you have on your hands. How can you get rid of them? There are several ways to get rid of an armadillo and most are very humane. You can rest easy. The key is to rid your home of the armadillo and take steps to keep them away for good.

Armadillo traps
Armadillo traps are a great way to get rid of these pests. They are humane, reasonably priced and can be used again (but hopefully you won’t have to). Be sure to check your trapping and releasing laws first.

Follow these steps to ensure your armadillo trap gets the job done:

Place the armadillo trap along the fence or wall closest to the damage.
Use 2x4s to create a guide right into the trap.
Place the trap in front of the burrow entrance at night.

Pest fun fact! Although they are nocturnal, armadillos are practically blind. Their eyes do not contain cones which are the parts of the eye that detect light. So trap away!

Using repellants is an effective way to get rid of an armadillo. There are many choices in repellants.

Castor oils
Chemically, castor oil repellents are the most effective. They sink into the ground and spoil the food the armadillo eats. They also make their burrow smell funky which sends them elsewhere.

You can also choose to repel armadillos by use of a sprinkler. Armadillos are fairly skittish animals. Setting a sprinkler with bursts of water will startle them away.

Finally, you can establish fencing in perfect dimensions to ward off armadillos. Chain link fencing is the most effective. Whatever you choose make sure it stands at least 2 feet tall, is at least a foot underground and angled at the top.

Use these handy tips to keep a look out for armadillo evidence and then send them along. Need more help? Safety First is your go-to pest control experts for armadillo advice and more.

No matter what your pest control needs may be, Safety First Pest Control can get it taken care of. Contact us today if you’re experiencing pesky pest problems. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been servicing Mobile and Baldwin Counties since 1999! It is our goal to provide you excellent service. You can reach us at (251) 990-0047.

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