Holiday Pest Prevention Tips

Holiday Pest Prevention Tips


As you’re decorating for this festive holiday season, you’re probably hoping that your beautifully strung lights, Christmas tree, and other decorations will bring joy to your home- not unwelcome pests. Unfortunately, these new beautiful objects often bring unwelcome bugs and other animals into your home. Spiders, ticks, ants, and mice often sneak their way into your decorated household. We want to help you ensure that the only guests who arrive at your home this December are those who were invited.

First things first, inspect your decor! If it’s been lingering in your storage areas such as a dusty attic or garage, it’s worth spraying off or taking a wet washcloth to ensure you are ridding your decor of any allergens and bugs. As far as your ornaments and other items that are packed away in boxes, be sure to carefully open each box outdoors as this is where mice often sneak in. You can utilize a damp washcloth to wipe down all of your boxed-up decors before it enters your home.

The biggest culprit of decor oversights is the faux Christmas tree. Take your time or enlist your children’s help to shake out each limb of the tree. If any edible decorations were accidentally packed away, such as advent calendars, be sure to toss those items as they may have been contaminated.

Lastly, the best preparation for next year is to make sure everything is clean this year before you pack it away. Look for a cool, dry area and an airtight container as you end the season. Though nice plastic storage bins may seem like an investment at first, you will use them year after year and ensure you are keeping your decor in the best possible shape.

Eliminate Food Sources In Your Home

It’s time to welcome guests into your home and prepare for the New Year, a joyous time for celebration, but also a great time to rid your home of clutter, dirt and pest-prone conditions.

We suggest a deep clean of your house prior to the holiday season where activity levels increase and pests have more of a chance to make an unwelcome visit. Start with your cupboards - clean out each of your cabinets, wipe them clean, inspect glassware, plates, and more than refill each storage area and bask in the cleanliness you created.

Next, dust your home prior to cleaning your floors. Vacuum your home to rid the environment of dust and allergens and be sure to sweep out each area, including the corners and under surfaces.

Lastly, as the season progresses, be sure to take the trash out regularly and spend ten to fifteen minutes each day keeping up the cleanliness you created with your deep clean.

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