5 Pest Control Myths Dispelled

5 Pest Control Myths Dispelled

Our homes are our castles and we like to treat them as such. Sometimes life gets in the way and we find ourselves stumbling to rectify a sticky situation quickly instead of correctly. This is especially true with a pest infestation. When those creepy crawlers make their way into our line of sight, we tend to fall back on old wives’ tales. There are more proven practices that can be easily implemented in our everyday lives. To help you figure out what is working and not working in your own home, Safety First Pest Control offers five pest control myths, dispelled.

  1. One myth is that there isn’t a problem until the problem presents itself. Don’t wait until you see pests to react. If you’re seeing them, it means they’ve already been in your home, probably for some time. Termites are the worst offender in this regard. Instead, play offense. Plenty of pest control companies will perform regular maintenance on your home, spraying to keep things out before they come in.
  2. We’ll chalk this one’s popularity up to cartoons. When we set mousetraps, the first thought is to entice the suckers with cheese. However, mice actually prefer sweeter foods. A piece of chocolate isn’t necessarily as feasible on a trap. For best results try peanut butter. The sticky spread can go on top of other foods and will also keep the mouse occupied long enough for the trap to spring.
  3. A barn cat sounds like a great idea and we’ve probably heard our grandparents refer to their pet as “mouse patrol” before. But one cat can’t take care of an entire rodent and bug problem. If you feed your cat as well, it will cease to hunt. Also take into account that while a cat will go after rodents and big bugs, they can’t see the smaller insects that make their way under floors and behind walls. Let your cat be your pet and fight the pest problem with more proven methods.
  4. “My house is clean, therefore there shouldn’t be any bugs” is one of the biggest myths. Anytime there is food and dark spaces involved, bugs and pests can exist. A dirty home will create a larger problem so still try to keep areas clean, but don’t let that be your only solution.
  5. These devices look amazing on infomercials and the idea of being able to plug in one gadget and take care of all your pest problems seems idyllic. Unfortunately, there is no data to support these claims and this method is yet to be proven as reliable.

Keep your home and family safe from pesky pests. Don’t let them slip in undetected and fester while you fight back with outdated techniques. Remember these five dispelled pest control myths, courtesy of Safety First Pest Control to protect your home.

No matter what your pest control needs may be, Safety First Pest Control can get it taken care of. Contact us today to discuss your pest control problems. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been servicing Mobile and Baldwin Counties since 1999! It is our goal to provide you excellent service. You can reach us at (251) 990-0047.

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